Quaife QKE10R 6 Speed Sequential Dog Engagement Gearkit - Lotus Elise / Exige PG1
Quaife QKE10R 6 Speed Sequential Dog Engagement Gearkit - Lotus Elise / Exige PG1

Part Number: QKE10R-1


Quaife 6 Speed Sequential Dog Engagement Gearkit - Lotus Elise / Exige PG1

Please note this is a gearkit, not a full gearbox. 

QKE10R delivers ultra-fast sequential gearshift technology for owners of Lotus Elise / Exige models using the PG1 gearbox. QKE10R features a replacement Quaife outer gearbox tail case which houses six power loss minimizing straight-cut, close-ratio gears and a compact, drum-style sequential gear change mechanism. This combines with an open face dog design to ensure an ultra-rapid, positive sequential gear shift on QKE10R

QKE10R to retains the original PG1 bellhousing half of the transmission casing, plus the stock Lotus clutch, differential, driveshafts and mounting points. This enables easy installation of the QKE10R sequential gearkit into numerous Lotus models and potentially the MGF and MG ZR / ZS.

QKE10R is supplied with gear ratios suited to motorsport requirements and three final drive options to optimize top speed for the needs of competition.

Key features of the QKE10R Lotus Elise / Exige PG1 six-speed sequential gearkit include:

  • Six straight-cut, close-ratio gears with motorsport suited final drive ratios
  • Ultra fast sequential gearshift
  • Retains stock Lotus Elise / Exige clutch, diff, driveshafts and mounts
  • Optional Quaife ATB (QDF28K) and LED digital gear readout (QMLED) available

PLEASE NOTE: The Quaife QKE10R package includes the new transmission housing, gear lever and cable.

Gear Ratios

1st - 2.583

2nd - 2.071

3rd - 1.688

4th - 1.412

5th - 1.200

6th - 1.048

Final Drive Ratios




Digital Gear Position Indicator

• For use with Quaife sequential gearboxes
• Large display shows gear position
• Lightweight
• Easy to mount
• NEW: Oil temperature display for certain gearboxes*
• Pin or magnet type available

*Temperature sensor is NOT included. This is for use with Quaife sequential gearboxes that already have the temperature sensor fitted.

REM Superfinishing

Upgrade your gearkit, gearbox or CWP with REM superfinishing to give a much smoother surface finish to the gears.

This high polish surface finish produces a smooth surface that not only allows for more even lubrication of the entire gear, but also reduces friction between meshing parts, thereby reducing heat and wear on the part, and increasing the longevity of your gearkit or gearbox.

This is an essential upgrade for anyone looking to improve the performance of their gearbox or differential and get the most from the transmission.